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Testers needed today (6/21/11): image picker interface, version 1

In response to popular demand, I’ve been working on a visual image selection interface today, so that users can pick their characters’ eyes and mouths. (No, there will NOT be a nose picker!) If you are interested in helping out, preferably today, I’ve made a sample sample script you can test on your computer. This is important because I am uncertain whether the interface will work the same on all platforms and browsers, since it’s using Javascript, so watch the video to see what I want it to look like, then go to and try it out for yourself. Copy the info about your browser and include it in any feedback you send me about your results, either posting it here or emailing me at

Thanks for your support!

btw, this video will probably disappear once I’ve decided how to make the interface.


One response to “Testers needed today (6/21/11): image picker interface, version 1

  1. margoburns June 22, 2011 at 8:46 am

    Many thanks to Cathy, Des, Keith, Prasanth and Paul for testing! I need to try something different for cross-browser consistency. On to working on version #2!

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