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Panel Colors & Thoughts about “Skins”

25-color paletteI selected the panel background colors for Comic-O-Matic from the colors used by Nina in her Mimi & Eunice strips. Originally, I grabbed just 10, but today I have expanded the number of colors available to 25. By having more colors in the palette, the chances of having two panels the same color is reduced.  I will eventually set up a color-picker, to give users creative control over the colors of their panels, but for now, they are still just randomly selected per panel from this set.

I am also thinking ahead to the possibility that other artists might create sets of their own artwork to work with Comic-O-Matic, as “skins”, so that users could select from a number of artists for their strips. Each of these skins would include its own color palette as well as artwork and a font. (And maybe other things – I don’t know yet!) I’m not ready to do this now, but you never know what each new day may bring! Ultimately, I do want to get the scripts to a point where I’m not tweaking them daily, and then I’ll release a stable version on GitHub for anyone to copy and do whatever they want to with. I plan to have the release include templates for the pieces of artwork that Comic-O-Matic requires.  If you are an artist who is interested in this prospect and willing to release your art as freely for copying and reuse as Nina does, let’s talk!


2 responses to “Panel Colors & Thoughts about “Skins”

  1. Marler July 12, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Been playing with this all day!
    Great Idea to let other artists create images.
    Might I suggest an input parameter that lets the user point to his/her own image set?


    • margoburns July 14, 2011 at 8:01 am

      Thanks for the input! The way the script works, however, the image files would need to be on the Comic-O-Matic server. Once I get the site set up so that users can make accounts to save their strips, then perhaps I can set it up so that users can upload sets of their own images. The parameters for the dimensions of images is very specific. If there’s anyone out there who would like to work with me to try to make a second “skin” for Comic-O-Matic, I’d be happy to try!

      When I get a stable version of the scripts, I will be sharing them on GitHub, so that anyone can do what they want with the scripts and their own art on their own site.

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