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New ideas for Comic-O-Matic

I haven’t been doing much with Comic-O-Matic since last summer – well, I added three Hallowe’en characters in October: a pumpkins, a Frankenstein’s monster, and a ghost (never got to doing the witch, tho!):

This past week, though, I finally figured out how to get my Face-O-Matic iPhone app uploaded to the iTunes Store. It’s now out of the “waiting for review” queue and is officially “in review”… Cross your fingers that it will make it through to the store soon, where you can get it for free! I’ve been giving more thought to where to go with Face-O-Matic and Comic-O-Matic in general. I need to figure out how to make sharing faces from the app easier than taking a screenshot and mailing it!  I don’t know how to add a share to Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. so that’s on my list of things to figure out.

I think Comic-O-Matic on the iPad is something I’ve just got to do, but I need to learn more Objective C with XCode to be able to do it, though.

I had a new suggestion today about the characters: make their colors configurable, which is especially important for when you have, for instance, two cats in the strip.  This, of course, led to to think about having patterns available as well as just colors… SO, not that I have a ton of time right now, but if anyone is following this blog, or even reading it occasionally, I want you to know that I am still thinking and have improvements up my sleeve!  I’m also still thinking about how to have alternating characters in a strip – so, for instance, a cat could be talking with a dog in the first panel, a bunny in the second, and the alien in the third, etc.  And I want to add a color-picker for the background colors because they are still set to just generate randomly. While I’m learning how to develop within XCode (the current Face-O-Matic was done using Game Salad), I will still try to work out the logic of all these features on the web version of Comic-O-Matic first.


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